Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Support the Clinic, Support the New Orleans Traditions...

Tradition bearers in New Orleans

The New Orleans Musicians Clinic describes the community it serves the following way:

“New Orleans musicians, tradition bearers, and their families.”

What are “tradition bearers?”

If you know New Orleans, you know that in addition to the city’s unique musical culture, the city also has social traditions – Mardi Indian tribes, social aid and pleasure clubs, and other groups – that are not found anywhere else in America.

In this video, Chuck Perkins, the New Orleans-born poet whose work is featured at the end of the video on the SavetheClinic.org home page, pays a visit on one of the city’s key tradition bearers: Mr. Ronald Lewis.

Are these traditions, worth supporting?

Of course they are.

Support the Clinic, support the traditions.

You can help New Orleans greatly by helping the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

Every year, the Clinic provides free and low cost occupation-specific medical care to over 2,000 New Orleans musicians, tradition bearers, and their families.

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