Monday, July 5, 2010

From the Archive: George Porter, Jr. & Runnin' Pardners @ Village Underground II May 19, 2001

Early Show
1. intro jam (?) ->
2. Up Late At Night ->
3. FunkSomethingNess ->
4. They All Asked For You ->
5. Funkify Your Life
6. Odiferous ->
7. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley
8. The Same Old Thing ->
9. The Spirit
10. Count On You ->
11. drum solo ->
12. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor ->
13. Cissy Strut ->
14. Sing A Happy Song
15. banter - announcements
16. I Need More Time
17. banter - more announcements

Late Show
1. intro
2. Woogie Boogie ->
3. Just Got Paid ->
4. By Athenish
5. Check Out Your Mind ->
6. Just Kissed My Baby ->
7. Babies Making Babies ->
8. Africa ->
9. Drum solo ->
10. Look Ka Py Py (slow version)
11. I Feel Like Funkin' It Up / Iko Iko medley ->
12. Junco Partner ->
13. I've Been Hoodooed ->
14. People Say
15. banter - Russell Batiste appreciation
16. "The boys over here from across the track. We're gonna funk for you" ->
17. No More Okey Doke ->
18. bass solo ->
19. band intros over Sing A Happy Song groove ->
20. Sing A Happy Song (reprise) ->
21. I Need More Time (reprise)
22. encore break
23. Big Chief
24. outro


George Porter, Jr. - bass and vocals
Russell Batiste - drums
John Gros - keyboards and vocals
Mike Lemmler - Fender-Rhodes piano
Brint Anderson - guitar and vocals

Recorded, Transferred, Mastered, and Tracked by Scott Bernstein
May/June 2010.

Taper notes:
Managing to keep the momentum up on my New Orleans appreciation series, I present BARN52, a nice LONG show from the recently-resurrected George Porter's Runnin' Pardners at a seemingly defunct NYC venue on West 4th Street right in the center of The Village, appropriately named "The Village Underground". I never saw a lot of shows there (though I also recall seeing a G. Love & Special Sauce show there), but just due to the fact that this was the last time I got to see GP & TRP for over 9 years (until they came back to NYC this year, in 2010), that's significant enough for me to remember the place. I believe that it was being promoted by the same people that used to promote the club Tramps here in NYC.

There were 2 shows which required separate tickets -- and early and a late show. It was only slightly crowded in the first set. The A/C was working (it was a hot late sping day, in a basement "Underground" club, summertime A/C is essential as there is no other way to get fresh air in the place), and everyone was happy. But the late set was INCREDIBLY packed -- I'd say, dangerously oversold. Bathroom lines out of control. And the A/C stopped working. Not pleasent. And taping in the middle of the floor in a packed venue is hard work.

But luckily 9+ years later you can now experience the incredible music made that night in more pleasent environs. George is absolutely THE MAN.


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