Friday, July 9, 2010

"Jon Cleary: Piano, Bass, & Drums" : THE WEEKEND MIX

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I give you this absolutely monster set of music, broadcast live on the great WWOZ in New Orleans, from Lafayette Square in New Orleans, back on April 14th, 2010.

The great Jon Cleary has been touring with something he calls "Piano, Bass, & Drums," with an album, I believe, being planned for a future release. (I hope that's the case.) The bass in this trio is played by James Singleton. The drums are played by Doug Belote. I was about to say, "It's hard to find three better musicians in...." but I stopped myself. When you're in New Orleans, your cab driver probably plays drums better than most with a recording contract. So I'll just say that this trio is something truly special. James Singleton's work with Astral Project alone, is worth your time, while Doug Belote's grooves have been heard with everyone from Trombone Shorty to David Egan to Marva Wright. I'm hoping you are already familiar with the great piano work of Mr. Cleary.


it ain't my fault
mary ann
i get the blues when it rains
take my heart
help me somebody
bringing back the home
second line intro
piano solo
second line reprise
brickyard blues
those lonely lonely nights
leaving trunk
don't do me that way
young boy blues
when you get back
so long

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