Wednesday, April 14, 2010

With Treme Season Two a Lock, New Orleans Musicians in Their Own Words

Just Like True Blood, th

e powers that be at HBO renewed Treme in its first week. This renewal is not only a boost to the local economy, but also a way to bring our city's musicians much-deserved respect. Hopefully that will translate into more tours and recording deals because as I hear all the time, it hasn't been easy.

I've heard it from friends and through applications to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund which my husband was inspired to found as we made our way home post-Katrina. I, for the record, tried to talk him out of it because it sounded like something you should try once you're not homeless. Hundreds of grants and instruments later, we're still here thanks to support from friends like Wilco, R.E.M and Dr. John and music lovers around the world.

These are excerpts from my recent musicians series. If the music moves you, buy the CD's, book the bands and fly down to hear more at the Jazz and Heritage Festival. Once you're there, the Wednesday between Jazzfest weekends (April 28th) you can volunteer at the Jazz and Heritage Festival Musicians Village Day of Service. That night if you're not pooped, you're welcome to stop by nomRf's annual Mid City Lanes Rock n Bowl Benefit with The Subdudes and Creole Stringbeans. Also, watch Treme on Sunday. I believe that may be it for shameless plugs. From a Saints hit to a WWOZ DJ (not that one) to a jazz legend to a guitar hero, try not falling in love with this music.


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