Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Season 1 Episode 3 music of Treme / HBO series

By SteveMiami

By popular demand, the music from the HBO series Treme Episode 3
Right Place, Wrong Time

Story by David Simon and David Mills
Teleplay by David Mills

Lucia Micarelli (Annie) + Michiel Huisman (Sonny) + Accordionist ♪ La Vie en Rose

The Black Dogs, Lucia Micarelli (Annie) + Michiel Huisman (Sonny) + Accordionist ♪ Toulouse Street Blues

Leigh "Li'l Queenie" Harris ♪ Dawg Days

Huey Piano Smith ♪ We've Got To

Lucia Micarelli (Annie) + Michiel Huisman (Sonny) + Wendell Pierce (Antoine Batiste) ♪ Ghost of a Chance

Ernie K Doe ♪ A Certain Girl

Steve Zahn (Davis McAlary) ♪ Strippers

Lucia Micarelli (Annie) & Tom McDermott ♪ King Porter Stomp

Lucia Micarelli (Annie) & Tom McDermott ♪ New Orleans blues

Steven Zahn (Davis McAlary) & India Ennenga (Sofia Burnette) ♪ Tipitina

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