Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tomorrow Night: Sweet Crude / Alexis & the Samurai @ Joe's Pub

Price: $15
  • 7:00 PM - October 23 Buy Tix

Show Description

Sweet Crude, a young New Orleans 7-piece, has created a sound that sets Louisiana's native French dialect to decidedly non-Cajun music. The band, boasting surnames like Marceaux, Arceneaux, and Chachere, seeks to reconnect with their lineage in the context of 4-part harmonies, tribal rhythms, and pop hooks. "We're making the quirky, energetic indie pop that we'd otherwise come up with as creative New Orleans musicians. We've got five people playing drums, we've got everybody singing, shouting, and dancing. We're just singing a lot of the time in Louisiana French.  We want to show that the language is still alive and kicking, and that it sounds great in any genre," says primary lyricist Sam Craft.

Alexis & the Samurai are due for an EP release in the coming months. According to Marceaux, "Our sound is evolving, we're getting less afraid to be weird and eclectic in the studio, and we want to push the envelope to make music that will be genre-defying so that we can keep showing the world how diverse New Orleans music really is."  
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