Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: The Revivalists @ Mercury Lounge

by Chris Meyer (L4LM)

The Revivalists at Mercury Lounge: Sold-Out and Well-Deserved

The Revivalists at Mercury Lounge 1/30/13
 New Orleans’ The Revivalists played to a sold-out Mercury Lounge on Wednesday night.  It was my first time seeing them, as I have heard nothing but good things from many friends and acquaintances.  After hearing an “In The Studio” session on SiriusXM_Jam-On several days ago, it became quite clear that I was not missing this show. It’s hard to pigeon-hole these guys into one genre.  They are from NOLA and definitely get funky, but there is clearly some indie-rock elements, along with lyrical content that is borderline pop.  What this adds up to is a sound that is extremely unique, yet one that could very easily find a modicum of mainstream success.
They seem to be doing fairly well for themselves already, as they had a successful 2012 while touring in support of their second album City of Sound.  Having just been announced for the Governor’s Ball lineup this June in NYC, and the fact that musicians like Warren Haynes and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam have come out and played with them on stage, gives credence to the recognition that The Revivalists have received.  On Wednesday night, it became quite clear early on that these guys have a long career ahead of them.

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Jenn Aguinaldo said...

I'd love to catch them live! Their album City of Sound came out last week, definitely worth a listen!