Sunday, April 3, 2011

Free EP Download: Big Freedia (NolaBounce)

by Alex Rawls

Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia by ScionAV

Big Freedia also got love at recently, where writer Chuck Eddy considered the local bounce rapper one of the highlights of his SXSW:

Probably this writer’s favorite SXSW set: Towering transvestite New Orleans bounce-rapper Big Freedia, resplendent in red leather above white T-shirt and spangly bracelets and below sparkling Christmas-tree-ornament earrings and long ponytail extensions, channeling Little Richard on a stage that could’ve been in small-town church basement, with late sainted bounce-rapper Magnolia Shorty’s picture on the DJ table. Male and female dancers – the latter looking like she just stepped out of a La Grange cathouse, with huge painted-on eyelashes – helped Big Freedia roll rump-cheeks in the crowd’s direction. The raps were ebullient chants, really: “Spicey! He really like me! His old lady! She wanna fight me!” “I got that gin in my system! Somebody gonna be my victim!” Before it was over, much of the audience had taken Big Freedia up on an offer to join him/her up there on stage.

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