Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vote for the next Threadhead Records project

Fan-funded New Orleans-based Threadhead Records is hosting a poll to help determine their next project. You do not have to register to vote. You just click on the link and can vote once per IP address per day through 10/18.

My favorites include: Midnite Disturbers (the all-star brass band, which has included Stanton Moore, Kevin O'Day, Skerik, Ben Ellman, Big Sam, Mark Mullins, Shamarr Allen, Troy Andrews, Kirk Joseph, Matt Perrine)

Tin Men feat. Alex McMurray, Matt Perrine (again) & Washboard Chaz

Injun Orchestra

Feel free to vote for your favorite.

Vote Here! Poll Closes at 12am est 10/18

One vote per IP address, per day. At the end of the week, the top 10 suggestions will be put up for a final vote. Final poll will be open for another week and at the end of that time, THR will choose a project from the top 3 most popular suggestions to pursue. Note: There is no guarantee that any project suggested will materialize into a THR project but THR will seriously investigate the possibility.

Who should we pursue for our next project?
AfricanZydeco Revue
RamaFest: Twangorama and Bonerama collaboration
David Torkanowsky
Kora Konnection
Anders Osborne (?), Johnny Sansone and John Fohl
Germaine Bazzle
groovesect and the soul project (soulsect)
Threadhead Records All-Stars
A childrens CD recording the music clinic kids
All That
Midnite Disturbers
Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show
Threadhead Records artists do the History of New Orleans music
Wendell Brunious
Christmas funk compilation
Junko Pardners
The Injun Orchestra
Creole String Beans
Brint Anderson
Helen Gillet
Joe Krown trio
Bob Andrews
(Big Fine) Ellen Smith
John Gros
Sasha Masakowski
Tin Men
Johnny Sansone
Beatin Path

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