Monday, May 10, 2010

HBO series: The music of Treme - Season 1 Episode 5


By popular demand, the music from the HBO series Treme Episode 5, "Shame, Shame, Shame"

Ethan Simon — Saint James Infirmary

Bumps Blackwell — Sumpin' Jumpin

Lucia Micarelli (Annie) — bach Violin Partita 2

Michael Huisman (Sonny) — Junco Partner

Steve Zahn (Davis McAlary) — Shame Shame Shame

Leigh "Lil Queenie" Harris — Whatever You Had

Wendell Pierce (Antoine Batiste) — Struttin with Some Barbecue

Free Agent Brass Band — We Made It Through The Water

ReBirth Brass Band — You and I

ReBirth Brass Band — Do It Fluid

Dekanay String Quartet — Haydn String Quartet #24 (Joseph Haydn)

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